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J G International School is situated in close proximity to ASIA CAMPUS on newly developed JG Campus of Excellence, within the city itself. This Endeavor has extended the horizon of educational services of the ASIA Charitable Trust by offering international schooling at the heart of Ahmedabad.

We know we are all born with certain abilities and we learn much more from life. But most of all, AT SCHOOL, we learn to learn.

Yes at J G International School, our Endeavor IS to prepare today’s students for tomorrow – to stand tall on their own and co-exist in society. To compete, not so much with the world but with one’s self, creating new challenges and scaling higher peaks.

We strive at creating a new generation that is as fun-loving as it is serious about issues and responsibilities; creating a class that indulges in small joys just as it inculcates the ability to observe, analyze and decide.

J G International School has created an environment of learning made up of great vision, state of the art infrastructure and qualified and trained faculty, but above all the school strives to create an atmosphere of JOY- as the years spent at school should be enriching, rewarding and unforgettable. Our children are always told “enjoy the process,school is FUN-of course you will learn, we are with you”

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