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JGIS proudly announces the topper of the state class XII- ISC
Master Yashwardhan Bagadia

Achievers of ISC - Science
(those who have scored 90% and above)

  1. Master Yashwardhan Bagadia - 98.0%, - Maths - 100/100
  2. Master Shivam C Trivedi - 96.0%, - Computer Science - 100/100
  3. Miss Ashna Jain - 94.6%
  4. Miss Palak Patel – 91.8%

Topperof  ISC- Commerce 2014-15

  1. Master Kushal Shah – 92.4% - Maths 100/100

Topper of X -ICSE

  1. Master Manav K Patel - 94.5%

Achievers of ICSE
(those who have scored 90% and above)

  1. Master Manav K Patel - 94.5%
  2. Miss Srushti Vipul Patel - 92.8%
  3. Master Varshil D Mehta – 92.6%
  4. Master Tirth Patel – 90.66%

Topper of IGCSE Examinations 2014-15

  1. Master Kunal Anil Kumar (Nine- A*s)

Achievers of IGCSE
(those who have scored four and more A*s)

  1. Master Kunal Anil Kumar (Nine- A*s)
  2. Master Darshan Patel (Seven A*s)
  3. Miss Kavya Mehta (Five A*s)
  4. Master Soham Nayak (Four A*s)
  5. Master Swaril Shah (Four A*s)

Welcome to JGIS, the school that instils right values, self-discipline and sense of duty among young children who would contribute to make this world a better and peaceful place to live.


A world in which our children emerge as successful global citizens of tomorrow.

JG International School is situated in JG Campus of Excellence close to SG road, in the heart of Ahemdabad. It is an endeavour of the ASIA Charitable Trust, one of the oldest educational institutions in the city managing 20 odd colleges and schools.

JGIS prepares today's students for tomorrow - to stand tall on their own and co-exist in society. To compete, not so much with the world but with one's self, creating new challenges and scaling higher peaks.

We strive at creating a new generation that is as fun-loving as it is serious about issues and responsibilities; creating a class that indulges in small joys just as it inculcates the ability to observe, analyze and decide.

We have created an environment of learning made up of great vision, state of the art infrastructure and qualified and trained faculty. But above all the school strives to create an atmosphere of JOY - as the years spent at school should be enriching, rewarding and unforgettable.

We train our children to adapt to changes in the ever changing era of technology by enabling them to learn, unlearn and relearn.

We believe that purpose of a school is to prepare children for higher education at the university level. We have, at this end, got authorization and affiliation from the best of the National and International school boards - Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE), Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) and International Baccalaureate (IB)

Whatever we do and do not do at JGIS is only what benefits our children.

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